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As of December 18, 2012, we operate from two sites for our customers, together or individually. We guide companies towards greater sustainability, and we support sustainable businesses to increase their market share and to open up new markets. On this page, we share with you how we do that, why we do it and what we experience along the way. We look forward to your feedback, to suggestions, tips and customer inquiries.


Right now! Al Gore's 24h live stream!

Al Gore is back! This time, it's a 24-hour live stream on the subject of 'dirty energy – dirty weather'. Experts discuss the consequences of global climate change in panel discussions around the world. Tune in!


Slogan T-shirts? Let's get 'em!

The fantastic Mirko Borsche has not only masterminded the design of our book GreenSmartSexy – with his widely admired work for Die Zeit, the Bavarian State Opera and the Neue Sammlung, he is also setting high standards in design that reach far beyond the German borders. Mirko has now conceived 8 wonderfully minimalist slogan T-shirt designs for the NobleProject in Berlin. Made, of course, from organic cotton, 10% of the revenue goes to a good cause. Grab them while you can!


Clean power as whipping boy? Sod this!

It is an undignified spectacle: the back-and-forth about the energy turnaround. Rösler is pressuring Altmaier, and Altmaier is already on the brakes anyway. The energy turnaround is being demonized. In the media, green energy is already being blamed for rising bread prices. The clean power reallocation charge, an inherent part of the German Renewable Energy Act (EEG), has to serve as Jackass for price increases and industrial problems of all kinds. The non-word ,power poverty‘ is making the rounds, and each local politician postulates that "power must remain affordable."

Beyond bar-room clichés and lobby arguments, the German newsportal tagesschau has compiled ​​a real good summary of the context and impacts of the EEG. The author‘s conclusion: Much less than half the increase in the electricity price has to do with the promotion of renewable energies. There is much room for improvement on the EEG, but clean power clearly is not the problem.


TED news: wind power without wings

The current TED Global Conference in Edinburgh (motto: "Radical Openness“) is again riddled with a range of sustainability topics. In yesterday‘s talk, Hassine Labaied from Tunisia introduced an invention of his company, Saphon Energy: the ,Saphonian‘, a windmill that operates without wings.

According to Betz‘s law, windmills typically have an effectiveness limit of 59.3% accurate. Subtracting other losses, the efficiency of a wind turbine with rotor blades is at 30 to 40%. The ,Saphonian‘ is to double that performance by employing a sail that oscillates in the wind. The whole thing looks like a speaker cone on a broomstick. This clip on YouTube explains how it works:


Facebook for peace

It is a clear and simple message that now spreads like wildfire on the Internet: "Iranians we love you - we will never bomb your country." Michal Edry just wanted to express his opinion on his Facebook page. Meanwhile, thousands follow his example on "Israel loves Iran". And vice versa, thousands of Iranians admit to their love for their alleged opponents. Spiegel Online reports here on the backgrounds of the beautiful campaign.


Time for ackshun

„The era for talk is over.“ With this, ex-governor and ex-terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger introduced the SUSTAINIA project on the occasion of the Road to Rio Conference in Geneva today. SUSTAINIA is said to prove how a sustainable society could succeed within 10 years. A virtual model utilizes every known and practicable sustainable technology for city planning, energy and transport in order to demonstrate the potentials of a possible change. A PDF of the concept is ready for download here.

SUSTAINIA is based on a concept by Swedish thinktank MandagMorgen and has mainly been developed by Erik Rasmussen who introduces his project in a video:

P.S.: Arnie‘s smattering introduction has been caught on video as well.


Great idea – lousy ad

On Monday, the German Football Association (DFB) held a press conference together with the chairwoman of the Green Party, Claudia Roth, to introduce its 2012 campaign: the DFB Environmental Cup 2012. It showcases 90 environmental ideas for clubs and associations of all sizes, representing different fields of environmental protection. Clubs and associations can join the cup by putting these ideas into practice and then earning scores for it. According to the DFB, participants cannot only score for the environment and save their clubs money – there are also unique prizes to be won, such as training sessions with a DFB coach.

However, the accompanying TV ad featuring the Bender twins and Manuel Neuer is very, very trite. Despite the fact that football-crazy Sönke Wortmann himself directed it. Reportedly, he had only got 3 hours to shoot the ad. But even in this short space of time he should have been able to accomplish something better than this lame kicking of a can:


An Oscar shrouded in green

… namely the one that went to Meryl Streep. Last Sunday, the actress got awarded with her third Oscar, wearing a golden Lanvin gown made of an eco-certified fabric. Thereby she did not only prove good taste, she also proved awareness. In doing so, she was instigated and advised by Livia Firth, who is married to last year‘s Oscar winner Colin Firth. Within the scope of Livia‘s so called Green Carpet Challenge, it is her self-imposed endeavor to make ecological glamour statements wherever stars appear on the scene.


Elon strikes again.

Tonight, Tesla founder Elon Musk presented his new ModelX for the first time. It is said to combine the functionality of a mini van with a sports car‘s driveability. More information and a first video in my little electric car diary.

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